8-Inch Cake Servings: How Many People Does It Feed?

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For the past few months, my inbox has been flooded with questions about how many servings are in an 8-inch cake. 

There’s no need to worry about this issue if you are about to serve your family or stash the cake away for later munching. But this will be an entirely different story altogether when it’s served at special events or large parties! 

I have compiled some useful tips from my decades of experience to help you get 8-in cake servings just right. Keep scrolling to learn more!

How Many People Does An 8-Inch Cake Feed?

Based on my experience, an 8-inch cake should serve 8, 14, and 24 guests. That said, how many portions you get is entirely up to how you slice it:

Pattern of cuttingServing count
Each slice is cut approximately 3 inches from side to side (the width of a playing card)8 servings
Each slice is cut 2.25 inches from side to side 14 servings
Event style: The cake is cut into thin, rectangular slices, each measured at 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick24 servings

What Else Might Affect The Number of Cake Servings?

Cake Servings
You should pay attention to the number of layers and shapes


You should consider how many tiers or layers the cake has, as they usually determine the total serving counts. For instance, for single-layer cakes, I usually cut my pieces slightly wider than 2 inches; meanwhile, with double-layer ones, I like to slice them in 2-inch or even 1-inch portions, depending on the circumstances.

Below is a rough summary, but note that since there are no fixed rules regarding the cutting techniques or measurement for each portion, your total number of servings might exceed these estimations:

  • 8-inch 1-layer cake: 14+ people
  • 8-inch 2-layer cake: 16+ people
  • 8-inch 3-layer cake: 20+ people
  • 8-inch 4-layer cake: 20+ people 

Are you wondering why the serving count for a 4-layer cake is relatively the same as a 3-layer? Well, you should not slice the cake too thin, or each of your guests will barely have any to eat. Trust me, it was quite an embarrassment; I had to order last-minute treats for my guests to make up for that blunder!

Common Shapes

Suppose you cut your 1-layer cake in event style (thin, rectangular slices of standard sizes); the approximate number of servings should be as follows:

  • 8-inch square cake/rectangle cake servings: 32 people
  • 8-inch bundt cake servings: 14+ people
  • 8-inch round cake servings: 14 to 20+ people

Kinds of Events

Cakes should not be sliced and dished out the same way on every occasion. You must also factor in the event’s organization and other munchies on the menu to ensure everyone can enjoy the best sweet treat.

  • Dessert cakes: I usually cut the cake into larger slices than average to spoil my guests’ sweet tooth. Still, modest portions are acceptable for cozy gatherings between family members or close friends.
  • Party cakes: Remember that your cake will serve as the centerpiece; each slice must be at least 1.5 x 2’’ to give everyone a generous treat!
  • Standard wedding cakes: As the cake only serves as part of the larger meal, you should be safe with smaller portions than standard; after all, there are hundreds of other dishes available!

See more: Cake Sizes and Servings Chart

How Much Frosting Do You Need for 8-Inch Cakes?

Frosting for 8-Inch Cakes
2 to 3 cups of frosting should be enough

Bakers do not share a universal standard for frosting, as the required amount also depends on the thickness of the layers, size preference, and your desired decorative style. I may not even use the exact same amount for every cake. Still, 2 to 3 cups should be enough for a basic crumb coat, a topping layer, and a thin frosting layer between tiers. 

How Much Batter Do You Need for An 8-Inch Cake?

You would need 6 to 8 cups for single- or double-layer cakes and 9 to 12 cups for three-layers. 

Note that no matter how much batter is used, you should only fill up ½ to ⅔ of your pan. Less than ½ results in pancake-like layers, while more than ⅔ leads to higher risks of overflowing pans! If possible, test the recipe before the due date to confirm how much your homemade cake will rise.


My article has made it clear that most of the time, an 8-inch cake feeds 8 to 24 hungry folks, depending on the cake shape, number of tiers, and your slicing technique. 

You should also consider the scale of the event and other goodies on the table to determine whether each slice of cake should be smaller or larger than average. Write to me if you need any extra cake portion guide!

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