How Much Is 3/4 Teaspoon In Gram & Ml? How To Measure?

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Most cooking recipes often call for two or more ingredients with different amounts. Three cups of flour or two eggs – what an easy start. But what is 3/4 teaspoon equal to? 

Do not give up here because it is easier to measure than you think. Dive into this article for detailed instructions.

A three-quarter teaspoon is equal to 3.6967 grams or 0.125 fluid ounces. Besides, you can measure by adding three times 1/4 teaspoons of liquid ingredients or six pinches of dry ingredients.

However, 3/4 teaspoon of each cooking ingredient results in different weights due to the specific density. Here is the conversion chart for your preference:

Ingredient3/4 teaspoon to grams
Powdered sugar1.95
Brown sugar3.1275
Baking soda3
Baking powder3
Dried herbs1.4025
Milk powder1.95
Vanilla extract3.255
All-purpose flour2.475
Tapioca flour1.905
Cream of tartar2.535
Potato starch2.4975
Sourdough starter4.25
Vegetable oil3.405
Powdered egg1.2975

How To Measure 3/4 Teaspoon?

Pinching Method

As its name implies, this technique means using your index finger and thumb to estimate dry ingredients. Following a general rule, a pinch of flour, sugar, or salt is equal to 1/8 teaspoon. Therefore, you need to repeat the same action 6 times to get the required amount.

On the downside, applying this method to baking recipes that emphasize accuracy is straying far from the right track. My mom and I experimented with baking powder and measured again with a digital scale afterward. The readings showed that the number of ingredients we took differed even though we followed suit with the pinching rule.

As a result, our two batches of bread expand in different shapes. I wonder if our hand sizes are driving this deviation. You’d better consider this technique unless you have mastered an individual recipe.

Use 1/4, 1/2, Or 1 Teaspoon Spoons

Your cooking process achieves optimal accuracy if you have measuring spoons on hand. Depending on the tool you have, try one of the following:

  • Take ingredients with one 1/4 teaspoon and one 1/2 teaspoon. Two such scoops give you the desired result.
  • Use three one-quarter teaspoons. Like how you work with fractions in math, three times 1/4 gives you 3/4.
  • Fill 75% of a teaspoon. Divide the hollow of the spoon into 4 parts and then use 3 parts of the ingredients for your recipe. You can also fill it up and then scoop out a little less.
Teaspoon measuring

Note: You should level the surface of the measuring spoons so that the ingredients snugly fit in the hollow to ensure the most accurate weight. I usually forgot this rule of thumb and happened to add too much sugar in my strawberry cakes, though my all-time favorite is always a little sour.

Invest In A Three-Quarter Teaspoon

Things get easier when you already have a 3/4 spoon on hand. If you do not have one, buy it now for the most convenience. It is best to shop for a set with many different sizes for other cooking times. 

Or else, you can consider an adjustable measuring tool that allows you to change the level marks with a movable tab.

Use A Kitchen Scale

How to measure a teaspoon without a teaspoon? That’s right; a scale!

kitchen scale
A kitchen scale is the best tool for accurate measurement

You already have a conversion chart above, and it is always ready to help. If you want the most accuracy, prepare a kitchen scale and place the ingredients on it.

For wet ingredients, weigh the container first and fill it up. You then must subtract the initial number from the final reading. Check with my guide above to learn exactly how many grams 3/4 teaspoon is.


What Is The Conversion Rate Of  3/4 Teaspoon To Ml?

Normally, 3/4 teaspoon is equivalent to 3.697 ml of liquid. However, you sometimes find that each cooking ingredient may be slightly different.

What Is 3/4 Cup Doubled?

Doubled 3/4 teaspoons mean one and a half teaspoons. In simple words, imagine having 3 pieces of pizza in a large 4-piece serving. You then get three more and end up with one and a half.


It seems odd that a 3/4 teaspoon varies in weight depending on the ingredients. However, I believe the conversion method solves most of your concerns, and beginners should not have difficulty measuring. 

It is best to have conversion tools such as measuring spoons or scales instead of visual techniques (or guessing). They do not cost too much but bring great benefits to your dishes.

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