How Big Is A 16 Inch Pizza? How Many People Does It Feed?

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The 16-inch size is the norm at pizzerias in the United States. It has existed since the 1800s stemming from immigrants from Italy. However, some still have no idea about how many slices in a 16-inch pizza. You’ve come to the right place! Those sections above come to clear your concerns!

How Many Slices Are In A 16 Inch Pizza?

Most pizza shops often cut a 16-inch size into 8 slices so that all the guests feel comfortable enjoying their servings. This rule means that each presentable part is about 11.6 square. 

That said, a 16-inch pizza features a circumference of 50 inches. The diameter depends on your crust, but you can expect it to range between 12-16 inches. Simply put, its dimension is equivalent to a big frying pan or a medium frisbee.

16-Inch Pizza
16-inch pizza is considered extra-large size

However, the number of slices it can serve is probably larger. Some people like to serve tiny portions, so they slice 12 pieces from a large pizza. As such, we have small servings of about 7 square inches – ideal for appetizers or snacks.

On the contrary, I once tried to order from a local pizza restaurant. Surprisingly, my food box only contained 6 servings since they made bigger cuts.

So the number of pieces boils down to our cutting technique, personal preference, and culinary culture.

How Many People Does A 16 Pizza Feed?

The good news is that the 16-inch pizza was born for a family. The usual technique of slicing into 8 slices allows you to serve 4 to 6 diners. If you make smaller parts, this will enable you to treat up to 10 or 12 people.

16 Pizza Feed
how many people does a 16 inch pizza feed?

However, you should order two 16-inch cakes in this case so that all guests leave with a full stomach. It is also necessary to satisfy young men with rumbling tummies. I usually prepare a delicious meal with at least 4 pizzas for family gatherings of about 20 members.

How To Slide 16 Inch Pizza

You can cut a 16-inch pizza size into various shapes, like triangles, strips, or squares, but investing in a quality knife is a good idea first. It would help to have a sharp blade to slide through the crust and then divide the filling like butter.

Slide 16-Inch Pizza
Slide 16 Inch Pizza

If you aim for medium-sized parts, cut a vertical and horizontal line at right angles to each other. Then you make two more diagonal cuts going through the center of the pizza.

Strip pizzas are the way to go if you plan on serving small portions. I sometimes intentionally cut down on each guest’s portion size to shift their attention to other dishes. So I cut four equal vertical lines on the surface and then added two more horizontal lines to divide an extra-large cake into about 12 pieces.

You can use a pizza cutter instead of a knife, but I do not recommend it for large servings. One of its biggest minuses is that it only works for thin-crust types. It is also a challenge for non-professional chefs to maintain a straight and equal line on the surface.

How Many Calories In A 16 Inch Pizza?

The calories in a 16-inch pizza vary depending on the topping used, the crust thickness, and the cooking technique. You can expect each standard slice to pack somewhere between 500 and 1000 calories.

If you are a cheese lover, you should estimate the extra calories on your plate. A healthier choice is to go with goat cheese or feat. The same applies to meat options, meaning you’d better choose chicken or ham to not go against your dietary restrictions.

I also try to add as many vegetables as possible to cut calories and increase fiber intake for my kids. Some vegetarian options include eggplant, onion, spinach mushrooms, or eggplant, which contribute to the delicious taste without causing weight gain.

The choice of topping also affects the nutritional composition of your servings. Each 16-inch cut probably contains 15-45 grams of protein, 20-60 grams of fat, and 25-75 grams of carbohydrates.

How Much Do You Pay For A 16 Inch Pizza?

The standard price for an extra-large pizza ranges between $14 to $20. However, the actual cost varies with the location, special ingredients, the type of crust, and the shipping service.

Making pizza at home is a good idea if you want to save money and satisfy your cravings. Some grocery stores have a ready-to-made crust; all you need to do is add your favorite toppings on top and leave it in the oven following the instruction.


Can One Person Eat A 16 Inch Pizza?

Of course, yes. However, be aware that a large pizza can cause bloating if you enjoy it alone. It is wise to control your portion sizes or exercise afterward.

Which Delicious Toppings Are Best To Go With 16 Inch Pizza?

Your taste has the final say, but some standard topping options include pepperoni, sausage, olives, mushrooms, and onions.

How Can I Reheat A 16 Inch Pizza?

Feel free to place the leftovers on the baking sheet and put them in the preheated oven at 210°C (or 425°F) for 8 minutes. Or else, place them on a nonstick skillet and set medium heat for 5 minutes.

How Much Sauce Do I Need For A 16 Inch Pizza?

I recommend one and a half cups of tomato ketchup for deep-dish pizza and 3/4 cups for a thinner crust. Still, it depends on the amount of topping available and your preferences.

How Much Cheese Goes On A 16 Inch Pizza?

Typically, most chefs add 2 cups of cheese for thin-crust pizzas and 4 cups for deep dish options.


Knowing a 16’’ pizza feeds how many guests can help you better prepare for your gathering. Without a doubt, the 16-inch pizza is the perfect size for family dinners or friends’ parties. If you have a crowded gathering or many children guests, prepare one or two extra compared to usual. 

It is best to plan for your party a few days in advance to consider the cuts on the pizza. The general rule is the more dishes, the smaller the slices.

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