How Many Slices In 14 Inch Pizza? How Many People Can Eat?

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Pizza is a great party choice because you do not waste much cooking time. All you need to do is call a local store, make an order, and wait for delivery. 

If you host a crowded event, consider larger sizes from 14 inches or more. However, you may be wondering how many slices in a 14 pizza so that you can prepare enough food for all the guests. Then scroll down to read our pizza guide!

How Many Slices Are In A 14-Inch Pizza?

Generally, a 14-inch pizza is divided into 10 equal slices, measuring 15 square inches. So how big is a 14-inch pizza? From basic math, it is easy to deduce that the surface area of a large serving is 154 square inches. It features a radius of 7 inches and a circumference of 44 inches.

However, I have come across pizzerias that are far from the norm. For example, Brooklyn-style pizza chains are famous for their large slices, so a box of their items only comes in 8 servings. Meanwhile, some local pizza shops try to trick your taste buds by subdividing 14-inch pizzas into 12 or even 14 triangular slices.

14 Inch Pizza
The number of slice from 14’’ pizza vary from restaurant to restaurant

In short, it depends on the cutting technique to determine how many servings your full-size pizza includes. If you do it traditionally (split in two and then four), you get 8 slices. 

Once you follow the 3:3 ratio, the result is 9 parts. You can also reduce the portion size by dividing the pizza into two and cutting another 5 portions for each half.

How Many People Does A 14 Inch Pizza Feed?

This type of pizza can satisfy 3-4 people, but it’s not always as straightforward as expected. The actual number varies depending on the taste of the guests and the serving size. One thing is certain: the 14-inch pizza is an ideal choice for small friend or family gatherings.

14 Inch Pizza Feed
14 in pizza feeds how many?

However, you must consider many factors to prepare enough food for your event. I often ask myself a few questions before planning:

  • How many visitors do you have?
  • Who are they, and how do they treat their food? (I mean, do they have good appetites)
  • Do you welcome children guests? (they eat less but tend to mess up with other pieces on the table)

Useful Tips To Order 14-Inch Pie

Consider The Type Of Event & Number Of Guests

Following the section above, it is important to estimate the appetite of all visitors. This task becomes difficult when your guest list is long. A thumb of rule is: Each adult usually asks for 2-3 slices of pizza to fill their hungry stomach while the children only handle 1-2.

If you expect to have 50 guests at the party, you need 100 servings (50×2). Continue dividing 100 by the number of slices you plan to cut, say 10. A result of 10 implies that you must order such an exact number. 

But that is not the whole story! I recommend adding 1-2 boxes to back up for a long event or reducing when you want to serve some other dishes.

Do not hesitate to increase the quantity a little if you are sure that your guests never turn down pizza. The same strategy applies when you go for the thin crust.

Choose The Right Style Of Pizza

14-inch is just a choice of pizza size, and you still have to work with many crust types. Again, taste plays an important role in your decision. Some popular options for your preference are below:

  • Thin crust: Crispy crust goes well with any favorite topping.
  • Deep dish: The thicker crust is sure to satisfy your hunger.
  • Stuffed crust: The outer layer also contains classic toppings. It sounds like a great idea for food cravings.
  • Flatbread: The crust goes flat, light, and crispy so guests can enjoy more side dishes.
  • Gluten-free: An available order is made for people with gluten allergies or dietary restrictions.

Add Toppings

Once you are done with the crust, turn your attention to the additional toppings. It isn’t easy to satisfy everyone’s taste so you can go for the most basic, including pepperoni, bacon, sausage, or cheese. 

It would be better to mix popular flavors for a pizza so that diners can pick out a portion to their liking without much consideration.

How Much Are 14-Inch Pizza Calories?

It is still a mysterious concern since the total calorie count depends on a variety of ingredients, crust, sauce, etc. The average estimate is somewhere between 200-400 calories per slice

That said, a large pizza equals 1,600-3,200 calorie intake or even more. The number goes down when using healthier options or with smaller slices.

Additionally, larger slices are rich in protein, calcium, and carbohydrate sourced from cheese and meat, while vegetables add fiber and other vitamins. On the downside, this dish is also high in sodium and saturated fat, which may adversely affect your body.

How To Cut 14-Inch Pizza

The hardest part of slicing a 14-inch pizza is to form equal portions afterward. Here is what you should do:

  • Invest in pizza cutters, scissors, or knives – whatever you like as long as it features a sharp blade.
  • Place the pizza on a flat surface and hold it in place with one hand. Hold the knife with your dominant hand and make a small incision in the center.
  • Start pushing the blade from the center point from one end to the other. If you prefer the traditional style, make two perpendicular cuts first. 
  • Then proceed to two more diagonal lines passing through the center. Feel free to use a measuring tape once you divide it into smaller portions.
  • Separate each part and serve while it is still hot.
How to Cut Pizza With Scissors : Tips for Making Pizza


How Many Slices Are In A 14-Inch Pizza Of Domino’s?

This brand often divides its 14-inch pizza into 8 slices.

How Many Slices Are In A 14-Inch Pizza Of Pizza Hut?

There are 8 slices in a 14-inch pizza from Pizza Hut.

Is A 14-Inch Pizza A Good Choice?

With common toppings and extra cheese, it is the perfect size to spend quality time with friends.

Do 14-Inch Pizzas Fit Into A Standard Oven?

The definitive answer is YES. Most ovens can handle 14-inch sizes with ease.


As mentioned above, a delicious 14-inch pizza usually yields 8-10 delicious pieces, which satisfies 3-4 diners. Plus, its common size is also ideal for small events or picnics. Still, not all shops agree on the standard cutting technique. Before placing an order, you should confirm the number of slices with your local store.

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