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People love celebrating their anniversaries, and along with gift-giving, cakes are a special part of any celebration. It does not matter whether it is the first or the fiftieth year of the anniversary; the right type of cake will create a magical moment. Let’s dive into the latest trend alert: The 10 sweet anniversary cake designs you most wish to have as you celebrate your big day. All the cakes described below are not only decorative but also special in terms of their design and the peculiarities of the people’s choice.

1. Custom Cakes

Custom cakes, therefore, are an embodiment of celebration. These cakes are intended to tell about the couple and their personalities or the story of their connection. From adding favorite colors and hobbies to including symbolic images and text all around, custom cakes transform simple sweet treats into precious souvenirs. Just think of a beautifully crafted cake with a design of sugar flowers, laces, or even favorite pictures or designs. This means that there will always be an array of opportunities when it comes to getting the right anniversary cake, differing from any other cake you may need for another special occasion.

2. Number Cake

Number Cake

Number cakes have become popular, fashionable, and chic, and they are necessary items to be considered a must-have when celebrating essential achievements. These cakes are usually in the shape of the number of years that are celebrated, often with added garnishing like macaroons, fresh flowers, and pearls. The uniqueness of number cakes is due to the fact that they can be designed in many forms and colors to correspond to the occasion. Whether it is just a simple ‘number cake’ design or a more complex one, it is guaranteed success.

3. Strawberry-Topped Cake

Strawberry topping on cakes is still popular today. These bright red strawberries complement the cake’s color and taste very good, different from its sweetness. A contemporary modification could be the addition of multiple layers of strawberry filling or even a strawberry glaze, making the dessert sour and sweet.

4. Rainbow Cake

Another exciting cake for couples who love to add some color to the party is a rainbow cake. These specialty cakes have many layers, and each layer is colored a different color of the rainbow when the cake is sliced. Rainbow cakes are typically frosted with fine white frosting or studded with colorful confections, thus adding cheer to the occasion.

5. Heart-Shaped Cake

Heart-Shaped Cake

Desserts such as cakes in the shape of hearts are perfect representations of affection and romance. These cakes can be plain with just a rose or any other flower added to the mix, or they can be decorated greatly with great icing designs and pearls. Another aspect to note is that a heart-shaped cake is as symbolic of the occasion as the anniversary itself, making it a favorite among many.

6. Anniversary Photo Cake

Customized anniversary photo cakes are among the most attractive types of cake you can find. They are normally decorated with figures that can be easily eaten and depict the couple and the different stages of their relationship. From the wedding picture to one of their favorite vacations, photo cakes are sweet ways of celebrating any moment that is dear to the heart.

7. Small Bento Cake

Small bento cakes inspired by Korean cuisine are the epitome of cute and ideal for any celebration. These kinds of cakes are normally one-layered and frosted in fairly simple patterns. Although miniature, bento cakes do not skimp on taste and flair, providing a cute and individual addition to the anniversary celebration.

8. Metallic Cake

Metallic Cake

Metallic cakes add a glamorous aspect to the celebration. Coated with gold or silver paper, these cakes look super luxurious and are used for special occasions only. Metallic luster can be incorporated into the entire cake body or used as decoration on flowers, ribbons, or other artistic elements, giving the cake a very appealing look.

9. Monogram Cake

Monogram cakes are very elegant and ideal for celebrating in style. Usually embedded with the initials of the couple as well as a special date, these cakes are classy and unique. The monogram can be made of fondant, icing, or even edible gold, which makes this element stand out and gives the cake a unique look.

10. Hanging cake

This form of cake decoration is especially preferred by those who want to create a grand performance. The cakes are put on a frame, and they appear to be hanging, which will amaze everyone at the event. Beautiful hanging cakes with flowers dripping or an artistic design are acts of creativity and innovation that make the anniversary memorable. Some of these beautiful works are obtained when looking for online cake, which is always an added convenience, and there are so many forms one can get for any occasion.


With new trends coming up on different occasions, so does the creativity of anniversary cakes. Every design on this list gives a new and special way of having a cake for love and other celebrations where the cake is not just a sweet treat but a lovely decoration for a cheerful and memorable event. From great details to great statements, these are the must-have cake designs that will best fit the style and taste of every couple and will surely have a memorable, sweet celebration that will stick with them forever.

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