How Long Does Pizza Last In The Fridge? Ways to Store It Right

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I don’t think pizza needs any grand introduction; it’s a global favorite! You can find a local pizza joint on almost any corner these days, hands down. 

But here’s the thing: many people misjudge how long pizza can chill out without issues. To help you keep your pizza game strong and avoid food waste, let me spill what I’ve learned from my own experiences.

How Long Does Pizza Last?

pizza last how long
It can last from several days to up to 2 months.

Never leave it at room temperature for over two hours; those foodborne bacteria thrive between 40 and 140°F! After 2 hours, either stick the pizza in the fridge for 4 days or freeze it for up to 2 months. 

Before munch time, thaw the pizza in the fridge and chow down within a few days. But hey, if you’re reheating it in the oven, it would be better to gobble it up right then and there; no more refreezing!

1. At Room Temperature

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has one golden rule for perishable foods like pizza: never leave it at room temperature for more than two hours!

See, harmful bacteria love throwing a rager between 40 and 140°F. No wonder a pizza sitting out there for too long might send you straight to Sickville. And those flimsy cardboard pizza boxes? Yeah, they barely do anything to keep your box of pizza from the air.

So, if you’ve got some pizza leftovers to snack on later, just toss them in the fridge or freezer (we will talk about that later). But if it’s been out for a while – like several hours or even overnight – well, time to bid it farewell. 

I get it; throwing food away isn’t cool. But it’s much better than an upset stomach or worse, don’t you think?

2. In The Fridge

Want to keep those delicious slices of pizza for later snacking? If you’ve played it safe with the “two-hour rule” we talked about earlier, then your leftover food should hang out in the refrigerator for four days. 

I usually give those guys a cozy wrap-up with plastic wrap/foil or tuck them snug into an airtight freezer container. So whenever the pizza mood strikes again, I always have some fresh refrigerated pizza waiting for me!

3. In The Freezer

Have you already wrapped those leftover slices nice and tight with a piece of aluminum foil/freezer wrap or sealed them up in an airtight container? Then, its shelf life might last up to a sweet one to two months. 

But heads up: the pizza might not be as flavor-packed after that. And if it starts giving off strange vibes like funky colors or odd smells, it’s best to say goodbye! 

Pop your fresh pizza in the fridge when you’re ready to thaw it out. Once it’s defrosted, you have a few days to warm it up and chow down – well, unless you decide to thaw it in the microwave or conventional oven. In that case, just eat it up right away instead of refreezing!

How to Know When Your Pizza Has Gone Bad: 5 Telltale Signs of Bad Pizza

pizza has gone bad
Look out for strange smells or signs of mold.
  • Ever had a slice that’s as dry and tough as cardboard? It’s like chewing on a rock – safe to eat but not worth the dental risk. That’s your cue to say goodbye and maybe order a fresh one, no shame!
  • Then there’s the smell: imagine that funky odor of old cheese. Yup, a spoiled pizza smells exactly like that. It starts with a weird whiff, then turns into a full-blown stink. Even the slightest hint of something “off” means you should immediately swap it for a new pie. 
  • Check the toppings, too. Slimy mushrooms or pepperoni? Not cool, and definitely the common signs behind foodborne illness and stomach pain. 
  • Signs of mold? Nope, nope, and nope! Mold’s sneaky and spreads fast. Any color or any spot on the pizza means it’s a goner. Even if it’s just on one slice, chuck the whole thing away! 
  • Last call, a quick check on the taste. Does it look fine but still taste very off? Then trust your taste buds and steer clear of those spoiled foods for good. 

Extra Storage Tip to Store Leftover Pizza

Grab a container or plate big enough for a slice of pizza or two, then lay down some parchment paper or damp paper towels at the bottom. Now, stack your delicious pizza on this plate and pop a layer of paper towels between each crispy slice. Keep stacking slices and paper towels alternately until you’ve used up all your pizza pie!

Got more slices than one plate can handle? No problem! I usually use the same layering method to divide my extra pizza across a few containers or plates. This way, when I reheat my cool pizza, it’ll still have that fresh-out-of-the-box vibe we all adore! 

How to Reheat Pizza

reheat pizza
Use a microwave if you want quick results.

To get that nice, crispy crust, a rule of thumb is to throw your cold pizza in the oven at 350°F for around 5 minutes. Try using a pizza stone for an even crunchier base; remember to line your baking sheets with parchment paper to prevent all the messy cleanup! 

What if you only have 1 or 2 slices? Pop them in a toaster oven at 400°F during the cooking process. And now, for that perfect pizza crust, put a skillet on medium heat, cover it up, and let it sit for 6 to 8 minutes. Voila, crispy crust guaranteed!

The microwave’s your friend when speed is the game, but it might make the crust a bit chewy. No worries; just put some paper towel underneath, use 50% power, then zap your frozen pizza for 1 minute or less. Not the crispiest for sure, but fast and easy! 

Quick FAQs

How long will a Domino’s pizza last?

About 4 to 6 days in the refrigerator if you store it properly.

Can you reheat pizza twice?

You can, but you shouldn’t. The more you reheat your grub, the higher the chance of dangerous growth of bacteria, bringing a serious risk of food poisoning!


With the right storage method, you can keep the cooked pizza fresh for up to 2 months. Reheating is easy-peasy, but don’t overdo it, or bacterial contamination might just show up uninvited. And let’s face it, pizza’s at its absolute best when you dive into it right away, right?

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