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Homemade pizza is a great idea to add all your favorite toppings and adjust their texture to taste. However, the baking process is not easy for home cooks. 

Many questions can knock you out in a moment; for example, how long to bake pizza, or what is the ideal oven temperature for pizza? If they are all your concerns, scroll down to learn the answers!

Ideal Time To Cook A Pizza

A pizza must sit in the oven for 8-15 minutes at 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. However, the cooking time may vary depending on many factors, such as oven function, the crust thickness, the number of toppings, etc. 

For example, a classic small size takes less time to bake than a stuffed deep-dish pizza. Frozen ones take an extra defrosting period, thus adding time to the total.

Pizza Done
If you bake at high temperatures, reduce the cooking time

It is a matter of minutes or even seconds to make a  burnt or crispy crust. It even comes down to personal preference, as some cooking chefs want a deep brown crust and crispy bacon pieces, so they extend the time. 

Unfortunately, you can only apply trials and errors to find the perfect time setting for your recipe. I went through a similarly long process and compiled a chart for each temperature level, although it is for reference only.

Pizza Baking TempEstimated Time
300°F35-40 minutes
350°F30-35 minutes
375°F25-30 minutes
400°F15-17 minutes
425°F10-15 minutes
500°F8-12 minutes
550°F5-7 minutes

As you have seen, it is not an actual unit of time. Therefore, I recommend that you always pay attention to your oven. Leave your dough in the oven for about 4-5 minutes first, and then check it often. However, do not open the oven door repeatedly because it releases internal heat.

Also, I never bake my beloved pizza at more than 500°F (though my list does include that setting since my mom used to succeed with it), as you likely end up with a pizza with burnt crust, undercooked inside, and the toppings have’t reached their doneness yet.

What Temp To Bake Pizza?

The oven temp for pizza should range between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit (or 232 to 260 degrees Celsius). Do not hesitate to reach the average rating because your oven can handle that maximum. 

Turn to level 9 if you use a gas-fired pizza oven. Plus, turn on the fan assisting mode if your device is also installed. This function evenly circulates the airflow, thus increasing the internal temperature.

Don’t worry about safety issues because your oven is designed to handle such high temps to cook a pizza. 

In my experience, a wood-fired oven is perfect for baking delicious pizza since the ideal temperature is always maintained at 500 degrees or more. The preheated oven ensures the base and crust are crispy while the inside remains soft and toasted. 

It also melts, evenly distributes the cheese, and cooks the hot sauces that contribute to the overall flavor. If you have ever tried a traditional homemade pizza, you know what I’m talking about.

Bake Pizza
A wood-fired oven often maintains at high temperature

How Do You Know The Pizza Is Done?

Even if you set the same time and baking temp to cook a pizza, each oven gives different results because of its specific power and function. Therefore, you need to know what signs a perfect pizza is to get it out of the baking tray on time.

My favorite method is checking the beautiful crunchy crust whenever I open the oven door. It only takes a few seconds as you rotate the pizza to guarantee everything is still good. The crust should turn light brown and feature a crisp, firm texture.

In addition, you can look through the toppings to confirm accuracy. A good prospect is that the layer of cheese melts to form a light brown iridescent top. If you go for pepperoni pizza, ensure the main ingredients are crispy.

Some Mistakes When Baking Pizza

Some beginner chefs often make the wrong techniques when baking pizza. Here are mistakes that make your efforts in vain.

  • Forget to preheat the cold oven
  • Not let the dough ball rest
  • Overload your baked pizza with too many toppings
  • Not include a baking stone (or not line the baking sheet with parchment paper)
  • Take the hot pizza out of the oven rack after just a short period
  • Skip the kneading stage


Is It Necessary To Bake The Pizza Crust First?

It is an essential step of the baking process if you have a thick-crust pizza or a lot of toppings. Once you have a thinner crust, feel free to do it all in one go.

Do I Need To Preheat My Oven Before Cooking Pizza?

Absolutely, YES. This ensures to cook your crust and toppings evenly.


Baking a pizza is an art of meticulousness because you need to set the exact time and cooking pizza temp for the perfect flavor and texture. 

While you may come across a lot of advice about the golden range, the cooking process may change depending on many factors. Do not hesitate to experiment as long as you check the ball of dough regularly before it is too late.

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