Can You Freeze Brownies? How To Do It? Bakers’ Tips

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Ah, brownies: the fudgy, delightful treats that find their home in so many kitchens! There’s something magical about their dense flavors when savored in chilly months. But what about those scorching summer days when we all just want to toss these tanned guys into the fridge until our craving hits? 

No worries; let me tell you how to freeze brownies from my own baking adventures!

Can Brownies Be Frozen? Which Types of Brownies Should You Freeze?

Sure thing! Like cookies, your brownies can be frozen and saved for another day.  

Dark chocolate, nutty varieties, or even those with chocolate candies or coconut shreds can chill out nicely in the refrigerator. Cream cheese brownies are also quite freezer-friendly, but look out: when thawed, their cream cheese frostings might add a tad more moisture to the overall flavor!

Can You Freeze Brownies
Freezing brownies is one of the best ways to preserve their goodness

How to Freeze Your Brownies

1. Freezing The Whole Pan

Trust me; freezing your brownies as a solid block (100% uncut) is the best way to keep them from serious risk of freezer burn! Here’s the scoop: 

  • Line your baking pan with some parchment paper; ensure it sticks out for easy handling. Once baked, let your brownies cool thoroughly!
  • Take the whole slab of brownies out and wrap it tightly with a plastic wrap, then cover it in foil. After that, straight into the freezer, it goes – either as it is or in a roomy freezer bag.

Note: While the brownies still taste fabulous, I have a confession: this method is not super convenient for instant individual servings or a quick dessert fix. Really, I have to thaw the entire slab for 3-4 hours before cutting and serving them to all my friends! 

2. Freezing Individual Brownies

And what if you just want one single brownie whenever the mood strikes? Then try this trick:

  • Slice your brownies and line them up in a plastic or glass container. Remember to put them in one single layer! Next, cover the layer with parchment or wax paper. 
  • Keep stacking more brownie slices on top (separated by paper layers) until your container’s full or you’ve used up all your brownies. Just remember to top it off with paper.

This way, you’ll have a solo brownie ready to roll whenever you like! Before diving into all the chocolatey goodness, remember to pluck the brownie out of your freezer and let it thaw for about 30 minutes.

Freezing Individual Brownies
You can slice your brownies into bite-sized pieces to store

What Containers Should You Use For Your Frozen Brownies? 

There are loads of packaging options when prepping brownies for the freezer. Just remember my ultimate tip: double-cover them! We all know freezer burn spells bad news and ruins our delicious treats, so it’s better to be extra careful. 

You can go for anything, really: freezer bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, airtight containers, parchment paper, etc. Mix and match these options for thicker layers of protection, and you can easily keep your brown babies for the longest time possible.

Can Frosted Brownies Be Frozen?

Certainly! You totally can. But from my experience, most frostings have this annoying tendency to turn hard and dry when frozen, so here are a couple of tricks to keep them from losing their texture!

  • Before freezing, cool your frosted brownies at room temperature, then cut them into individual portions or let them remain as one big slab.
  • Wrap each frosted brownie with plastic (and ensure the wrap touches the surface) to shield your frosting from getting crusty. 
  • Lastly, do not forget to label the bag or container with the exact date and what’s inside.

How to Store Brownies? Extra Tips to Keep Your Brownies Fresh

How to Store Brownies
Give your brownies a good chocolate bath to form a tasty protective coat
  • When stashing my awesome brownies away for a couple of days, I often toss a slice of bread on top of them in the container. 

Sounds a bit quirky, right? But believe me; the bread will share some of its moisture with your precious brownie to keep it soft and fresh for much longer. And hey, if that bread starts feeling dry, remember to swap it out for a fresh slice!

  • Looking for a decadent brownie batch that stays fresh for a whole week in the fridge or more? Alright, let’s dip those beauties in your melted chocolate until they’re completely covered! 

Just like an airtight cloak, this smooth, tasty chocolate coat will seal your baked brownies tight and shield all their delicate layers from the air. 

Quick FAQs

How Should You Serve Your Brownies?

The classics are always the best. Just enjoy that warm, gooey brownie fresh out of the oven! But when feeling a little extra, you can totally pair it with cold milk or a steaming cup of coffee, our ultimate comfort duo. 

How Long Can You Freeze Your Brownie Mix?

About 3 days to a week in the fridge and up to 3 months for airtight freezers. 


Who says you need to gobble down your brownies right off the bat? Those lovely flavors are not going anywhere, even if you stash those bad boys in the freezer for months! 

Shoot me your questions anytime if you are still confused. I’m always here to help.

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